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The Wellness model Philosophy

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The Wellness Model Philosophy

These seven (7) obelisks are different and distinctive plans to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in each relevant area to assist an individual in making informed short term and long term financial, health, mind and emotional decisions to result in optimal physical and financial health and a solid foundation for every stage in life. With optimal financial stress, an individual can focus more on the actions to support well thought out goals both at personal and organizational levels. In a nutshell, an individual can mindfully manage money and health, instead of them managing the individual.

The 3 Corner Stones

The three (3) corner stones forms the base, brick and mortar of the seven (7) obelisks. With the increasing work pressure and changing and fast moving lifestyle it has become of utmost importance that we start developing that undesired habit of keeping ourselves fit, not only in physical or health terms but also in terms of mind and emotions and wealth. We spend a lot of time on working and earning, but do we give that due time to our wealth before making that investment decision or exercise our brain to provide us with logical rationales whether to or not to choose to invest.