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The Knowledge Hub

Having the right tools and resources at your fingertips is an important part of making smart decisions. Here you'll find information to help you better understand investing in general, as well as how it applies to your specific financial goals.

  • Research Papers

    Welcon Research offers an independent and unbiased assessment of economic developments & financial instruments like equity, Commodity, Currency, Insurance, Bond, and Mutual Funds etc. It also brings you intensive research reports regularly in different asset classes based on neutral point of view & standard model developed by us.

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  • Product & Services Presentations

    You can download presentations for different financial products & services which are comprehensive, easy to understand, user friendly & made from neutral point of view.

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  • Sample Financial Plans

    The comprehensive planning process begins with data gathering and determination of your objectives and goals. This process covers such diverse areas as cash flow management, Goal mapping, retirement & child financial planning, Investment Portfolio analysis & restructuring, taxation analysis, estate planning, risk assessment & restructuring etc. We provide a detailed report to the individual that includes the overall picture of financial planning including Gap analysis, planner's prescription with action points & Calendar.

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  • Calculators

    Our Wellmeter © Calculators are the series of market-tested online analytical wellness calculators covering different financial instruments & analysis, Health condition measurement, Psychometric tests & other mind games. All input and output is easily customizable to fit your needs and match your look and feel. It also allows the users to create a PDF report of the calculation results for personal storage purpose.

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  • Welcon News & Media

    Welcon organizes different social & financial awareness programmes including wellness programmes. To find upcoming events & registrar click here

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  • Contact for specifies Requirement

    Let us know for any financial or any other related hitch ups- that may be related with your individual life, family life or your company; our experiences panellists will provide a prompt, cost effective & tailored made solutions for you.

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