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We believe that our Partner have a 360 degree approach which begins with understanding the client – their needs, risk appetite & various life-stage goals - to draw up their asset allocation plan and monitoring it on a continuing basis.

Today, every individual requires an expert who would put their interests above everything else and is equipped to provide them with customized solutions that not only matches with their goals and objectives, but also inline with their wealth and health to provide them with peace of mind.

Welcon, provides such a platform, knowledge and infrastructure which will assist you in not only upgrading yourself as an individual but will also help you in increasing your client base; creating client delightment and aligning towards to the apt solutions.

So, Why Welcon?

At Welcon Corp, first we talk about how to upgrade you and increase your client base and then we talk about engagement products and services. At Welcon, you will be the customer's friend and lifetime advisor, who would be advising and developing tailor-made solutions across various asset classes to help plan for their goals and objectives. You would be different from a Wealth Advisor/Investment Planner/ Insurance Agent. While these have a targeted audience with a specific objective either to cover their life risks or ensure better return on investments, whereas your focus will be on advising solutions aimed purely on client betterment and delightment.

This includes the entire gamut of services in terms of Advisory, Insurance, Asset Allocation, Investments & Retirement Planning

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