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Advisory – Wellness Planning

The Founders have personally experienced challenges that come with finances, health, mind and emotional stress in work and businesses. The idea behind this initiative took birth when we talked to a lot of peers, friends and colleagues and realized that it's a much greater malaise than anticipated. Being part of the industry we realized that solutions and implementations are dependent on the unification of multiple approaches keeping the specialist touch. These experiences led us to create a unique solution, integrating Finance, Health, Mind and Emotional Issues through Wellness Planning.

This was the seed for the birth of "Welcon 7 Obelisks".

Future is one of those thing in life which inches closer to you by each passing day, regardless what condition you are into, whatever is your age, profile, income group, needs, aspirations, objectives. Thus, each it is of paramount importance for each one of us to start developing a plan today, as tomorrow never comes.

At Welcon, we assist you in developing that required plan for not all you but for your family which not only meets your goals and aspirations as an individual but your family needs and aspirations too. Since, each and every individual is different having different objectives in life, thus one plan or road map will not fit all. Thus, we at Welcon look at and put your individual needs above anything else. To learn more about our Advisory tools and services, please explore below.