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W-Social Connect

It is very important for any business to adopt strategic planning to achieve its long term & short term goals and objectives and to optimize the present resources keeping in mind the overall business interest and cost optimization. Similarly, each and every individual requires to adopt a similar approach when it comes to their financial needs. During this process, they may face alot of challenges and needs to identify the various options and alternatives present before them to resolve the challenges.

Our team of experienced professionals will assist in short-listing and selecting the right solution that suits the need s s or the challenges the best. Each of our solutions will not only be backed with its own sets of reasons, but also with a through research report(conducted by our very own research team and validated by a third party).

  • Broking Solutions

    Broking service provides you well informed personalized & proactive opportunity trading solutions by our experienced team of Research Analysts, backed by in-depth research, knowledge and hands on market experience on a regular basis which can help you build an optimum portfolio with healthy & sustainable return.

    We constantly help you with trading strategies for Equity, Commodity and Derivatives investments with a Competitive brokerage rates and a state-of-the-art trading platform.

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  • Investment Solutions

    Wealth building is based on trying to benefit from investing in broadly diversified asset classes. Our investment advisory team will help you to build & maintain a tailor made sustainable investment portfolio by different compositions Like, Equities including IPO, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Fixed Deposits etc. You have option to choose one or more than one according to your capital to be invested, need & requirement, investment horizon & risk appetite which will be finalized by you from one to one discussion with our investment analysts.

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  • Risk Management Solutions

    Risk Management practices consists to evaluate, design, implement & maintain the insurance portfolio, both Life & Non Life. Our comprehensive 360 degree risk management solutions start with evaluate your existing insurance portfolio with need & gap analysis. This continues through an extensive process of risk mapping, product recommendations based on research based models, suitable quotations, negotiation for the most value-based coverage, placement of the policy and finally, policy scrutiny & post policy services. We assist you in claim settlements, administer all your endorsements, & renewals.

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  • Taxation, Legal & Estate Planning Solutions

    Our tax consultants conduct extensive analysis of your individual or company needs to identify the best services with our unparalleled partnership and support. The primary objectives are that you will be availing of the tax reliefs and refunds to which you are entitled and that you understand the taxes that you are required to pay.

    We also provide you Estate Planning Services to ensure the management of your Estate during and beyond your lifetime and plan your legacy.

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  • Real Estate Solutions

    Welcon Real Estate LLP helps individual & group investors make better real estate decisions.  The Real Estate Consulting team covers the full spectrum of real estate financing & risk management, backed by extensive market  research,

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  • Loans & Mortgages Solutions

    We arrange end to end loan & Mortgage solutions for both retail & corporate platform with a competitive rate in an easy & hassle free process.

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